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Herbal Tea

Cranberry Orange

Dried cranberries, organic hibiscus flower petals, organic chamomile flowers, organic orange peel, natural orange essence. Great iced! 



 Red bush tea, subtly sweet and flavorful, rich in antioxidants and minerals *Organically grown



 *Organically grown



 Refreshing and vibrant mint tea. *Organically grown


Organic Shanti Ayurvedic tea 

 Tulsi Leaves, Fennel seeds, Orange peel, Spearmint *100% Organic


Organic Kapha-Dosha Ayurvedic tea

 Lemon Balm, Dried Ginger, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Cardamom *100% Organic


Yerba Mate 

 Smokey, astringent tisane containing less caffeine than coffee, yet more than black tea *Organically grown


Red Bush Chai 

Rooibos-based uplifting chai blend with cinnamon, spearmint, cloves, and cardamom *Organic


Kava Kava Root

Relax with this traditional herbal remedy, try it combined with chamomile or rooibos! 

Black Tea


 Traditional black tea, smooth and malty with no astringency *Organically grown


Earl Grey 

 Fresh, citrusy, and slightly floral. Strong, full-rounded taste


English Breakfast 

 Indian Black Tea, Sri Lankan Black Tea, Chinese Black Tea *Organically Grown


Black Dragon Oolong 

 Sweet roasted, toasty flavor


Puer Velour 

Deep, earthy flavor, dark red-gold color and a rich velvety texture. Woody, earthy, vegetal aromas like an old growth forest.


Pear Ginger 

Smooth black tea, sweet pear, spicy ginger and refreshing calendula flower petals


Black Mango 

Indian black tea blended with calendula flower petals and natural mango essence


White Tea

White Peony 

 Delicate, herbaceous, autumnal aroma with a very smooth, sweet, nutty flavor. Very low caffeine content *Organic


Green Tea

Pearl Gunpowder

 Smokey flavor, clean finish, rolled nugget appearance. *Organic



 Grassy, Fresh Buttery flavor. *Organically grown



 Green tea with toasted and puffed rice 


Jasmine Pearls

made of hand-rolled green tea pearls blended with jasmine flowers


Organic Liquid Jade Matcha 

A sweet buttery and rich tea with an oceanic taste

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