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Triumph Food Menu

 Gluten free bagels are available, all bagels are vegan





Bacon Egg and cheddar- Bacon egg and cheese with butter or chipotle aioli -English muffin $9.50,  Bagel $12


Egg and Cheddar - with butter or chipotle aioli - English Muffin $8, Bagel $10


Vegan Breakfast Sandwich- Vegan sausage links, Chao cheese, and chipotle aioli on  a toasted bagel -$12


Marc Bolan: bacon egg and cheese served on your choice of fresh warm pastry -$15             choose from:

   Mushroom Manchego Biscuit 

       Cheddar Chive Biscuit

             Ham and Swiss Croissant


*Lox Bagel: cream cheese and lox -$14.00


V Toasted bagel -$4/ Gluten free $6

   Cream cheese -$2, 

   Vegan Cream Cheese -$2.50

   Hummus -$2

   Peanut butter or Jam-$1

   Butter  -$1


Sausage Roll -$6


Cheddar Chive Biscuit toasted with butter $6.50


      *Lox is cured in brine and cold smoked, Consuming raw or undercooked fish                        can increase your risk of   foodbourne illness

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